Graduate Teaching Assistants


Role: SEN Teaching Assistant & Psychology Graduate

Qualifications: Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and Humanities

Location: NW London

Specialism: Challenging Behaviour, Learning Difficulties, ADHD, Autism, and Epilepsy

Key Points:
•  Achieved highest distinction in Clinical Psychology from SWPS University.
• Hands-On Experience: Worked with SEN students at Ark Putney Academy and young children with autism.
• Multitalented: Combines creative problem-solving and data analysis skills (SPSS, MATLAB).
• Research Enthusiast: Participated in multiple research projects and presented at international conferences.
•  Mental Health Advocate: Offers psychological coaching and therapy; active member of British Psychological Society and Association for Contextual Behavioral Science.


Role: Maths Graduate Teaching Assistant

Qualifications: BSc Hons in Mathematics

Location: Ealing

Specialism: Challenging Behaviour, Learning Difficulties

Key Points:
• Pursuing a degree in Mathematics and Statistics; strong foundation in Mathematics from University of Brighton.
 Completed French Baccalaureate in Mathematics and studied Architecture.
•  Athletic: Ten years in rhythmic gymnastics; enjoys skiing, sailing, and ballet.
 Tech-Savvy: Skilled in Microsoft Office Suite, SPSS, MATLAB, and Adobe design software.
•  Linguist: Fluent in English, Italian, French, and Spanish; intermediate in Catalan; basic Arabic.


Role: Psychology Graduate Teaching Assistant

Qualifications: Master in Psychology

Location: Wembley

Specialism: Psychology

Key Points:
•  Studying Master of Applied Psychology; holds an International MBA and Bachelor of Commerce.
• Expert in resolving queries and ensuring customer satisfaction.
• Experienced in coordinating cross-functional teams; proficient in Microsoft Office Suite.
•  Demonstrates a strong work ethic and can thrive in various environments.
• Multilingual: Fluent in Gujarati, English, and Hindi; comfortable in multicultural settings.


Role: Graduate Teaching Assistant

Qualifications: MS in Arts Administration, BA in Drama and Theatre Arts

Location: Waltham Forest

Specialism: Arts and Media

Key Points:
• Experienced as a Teaching Artist and Curriculum Planner.
•  Builds trust and communicates effectively with students.
•  Manages classroom tasks and activities efficiently.
•  Dedicated to achieving excellent learning outcomes and supporting student well-being.
 Experienced as a Seminar Presenter and Education Consultant.

Konika Dhar

Role: Graduate Teaching Assistant

Qualifications: BA (Hons) in English Language and Linguistics

Location: Greater London

Specialism: Arts and Media

Key Points:
 Holds a BA in English Language and Linguistics; trained in corporate and commercial law.
 Assistant tutor at Nova Training College, tutoring General and Business English.
• Skilled in managing day-to-day operations and client enquiries.
•  Gained valuable experience through pro bono legal casework.
• Committed to delivering high-quality educational support.


Role: Graduate Teaching Assistant

Qualifications: BSc (Hons) in Software Engineering, MSc in Information Technology

Location: Enfield, Greater London

Specialism: Information Technology and Software Engineering

Key Points:
•  Holds a strong technical and academic background.
•  Current experience as a Teacher Assistant
 Previous experience as an IT lecturer at Gateway School of Computing.
  Extensive teaching experience at Lyceum International School.
•  Able to deliver high-quality educational support.


Role: Graduate Teaching Assistant

Qualifications: MPhil in Chemistry, MSc in Chemistry, BSc in Chemistry, Bachelor of Education

Location: Newham

Specialism: Chemistry and Educational Support

Key Points:
•  Enthusiastic and dedicated educator with a robust foundation in teaching and educational practices.
•  Holds an MPhil and MSc in Chemistry, complemented by a Bachelor of Education.
• Experience as a Teaching Assistant, conducting tutorial sessions, supervising students during field trips, and maintaining classroom organization.
• Skilled in teaching and tutoring, classroom management, lesson planning, and student assessment.
 Proficient in using basic computer skills, Microsoft Office Suite, email and communication tools, learning management systems, internet research, presentation software, digital content creation, educational apps and tools, and data management.


Role: Graduate Teaching Assistant

Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts in Interior/Industrial Design, Foundation Degree in Arts: Interior/Industrial Design

Location: East Ham

Specialism: Interior Design and Administrative Support

Key Points:
• Self-motivated, hardworking, and creative individual thriving on new challenges and working well under pressure.
• Holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Foundation Degree in Interior/Industrial Design.
• Previous work experience as a Receptionist in a GP Surgery, managing patient enquiries, appointments, reception, and GP stationery inventories.
• Fluent in Bangla, with advanced proficiency in English, and intermediate proficiency in Malay and Hindi.
• Adept at delivering high-quality educational support and contributing significantly to any academic institution.


Role: Graduate Teaching assistant

Qualifications: MA & BA in English Literature & Language

Location: Tower Hamlets

Specialism : Tutoring

Key Points:

• Strong Academic Background: Ann-Maria holds both an MA and BA in English Language and Literature, demonstrating her love and deep understanding of the subject.
• Tutoring Experience: With a wealth of experience tutoring Maths and English up to GCSE level, Ann-Maria has successfully helped many students excel in their studies.
• Future Goals: She dreams of becoming a qualified Teacher of English Literature, showing her long-term dedication to education.
• Natural Student Connection: Ann-Maria has a natural ability to connect with students, providing the support and encouragement they need to thrive.
• Student Confidence Building: She is passionate about helping young students build confidence and achieve their goals, emphasizing her commitment to student development.
• Proactive Educational Support: Ann-Maria’s proactive approach to supporting students highlights her commitment to their academic success.
• Inspiring Role Model: Her enthusiasm and personal touch make her an inspiring role model and a valuable asset to any school

Bedirhan Sasmaz

Role: Graduate  Teaching assistant

Location: Hackney

Qualifications: BA (Hons) Media, Communications & Cultural Studies, Level 3 Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production

Specialism: Interactive Media, Digital Marketing

Availability: Immediate

Key Points:

• Specialized Knowledge: Bedirhan holds a degree in Media, Communications & Cultural Studies with a specialization in interactive media.
• Practical Experience: Bedirhan has worked as a production assistant and crew member, skilled in logistics and crew management.
• Diverse Skill Set: Bedirhan has engaged in various bootcamps and training programs, equipped with skills in digital marketing and proposal development.
• Community Connection: Bedirhan has a deep connection to East London and is dedicated to inspiring the next generation of learners
• Dynamic and Creative Graduate Teaching Assistant

Paula Garea Fernandez

Role: Graduate  Teaching assistant

Location: Haringey

Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

Specialism: Childcare, Education, Psychology, Customer Service

Key Points:

• Psychology Expertise: Paula is committed to fostering positive transformations with experience in childcare and education.
• Childcare Experience: Paula has provided dedicated care as a Private Nanny and Live-in Au Pair, developing engaging activities for children.
• Leadership Skills: Paula has experience as a Shift Supervisor, enhancing her leadership, communication, and problem-solving abilities.
• Multilingual: Paula is fluent in Spanish and English, with basic proficiency in Portuguese.
• Enthusiastic and Dedicated Graduate Teaching Assistant


Role: Graduate Teaching assistant

Location: Ealing

Qualifications: BSc (Hons) in Mathematics

Availability: ASAP

Key Points:

• Strong Analytical Skills: Lola is excellent at assisting pupils with numeracy studies due to her strong problem-solving skills.
• Diverse Educational Background: Lola holds a French Baccalaureate in Mathematics and has experience in Architecture, demonstrating adaptability.
• Extracurricular Involvement: Lola has ten years of rhythmic gymnastics experience, showcasing discipline, perseverance, and teamwork.
• Exceptional Maths Graduate Teaching Assistant


Role: Graduate  Teaching assistant
Location: SE London
Availability: Immediate
Qualifications: Master’s degree in Physics


• Collaborative Classroom Management:Subash is committed to student empowerment through pastoral care and fostering trusting relationships.
• Organized and Efficient: Subash excels in maintaining organized supplies, planning activities, leading field trips, and tutoring.
• Experienced Educator: Subash manages academic activities, coordinates educational events, conducts examinations effectively, and supervises extracurricular activities.
• Continuous Improvement: Subash has a strong educational background and is committed to ongoing professional development.
• Proactive and Versatile Graduate Teaching Assistant


Role: Graduate  Teaching assistant
Location: Greenwich
Qualifications: BEng (Hons) Civil Engineering, Various Professional Training Certificates
Specialism: Civil Engineering


• Strong Academic and Practical Background: Shawmiyan holds a degree in Civil Engineering with a focus on structural engineering and practical experience through the GEEP from the Royal Academy of Engineering.
• Diverse Skill Set: Shawmiyan has completed additional certifications in customer service, spectator safety, and handling construction materials.
• Passion for Engineering Education:Shawmiyan is amiable and eager to learn new abilities, with a good sense of humor, ensuring high-quality educational support and significant contributions to any academic institution
• . Trustworthy and Industrious Graduate Teaching Assistant


Role: Graduate  Teaching assistant
Location: Ilford, United Kingdom
Qualifications: PhD in Computer Science & Electronic Engineering
Specialism: Computer Science and Network Security


• Academic Excellence: Shafiq is passionate about delivering excellent learning outcomes, with a track record of successful MSc. tutoring.
• Research Expertise: Shafiq has an extensive research portfolio with publications in high-impact journals, showcasing his capability to contribute to academic knowledge and mentor students in research methodologies.
• Versatile Educator: Shafiq is skilled in academic administration, student counseling, and curriculum development, with proficiency in various instructional technologies.
• Passion for Education: Shafiq’s commitment to personal development and education makes him an excellent candidate for a Graduate Teaching Assistant role. Compassionate and Highly Skilled Graduate Teaching Assistant


Role: Graduate  Teaching assistant

Location: West London

Qualifications: Bachelor’s in Extension & Rural Development, Master’s in HR

Experience: Educational Support, Learning Difficulties


• Commitment to Student Support: Bami has demonstrated a strong dedication to educational support through previous applications and roles, consistently striving to assist students in their academic journeys.
• Passion for Helping Young People: Bami is enthusiastic about aiding young individuals in achieving their goals, supported by excellent knowledge in psychology and behavior.
• Experience with SEN: Bami provided specialized assistance to students with special educational needs (SEN) during university, understanding the unique challenges faced by SEN students.
• Certified in Safeguarding: Bami has completed safeguarding training, ensuring a safe and supportive learning environment for all pupils.
• Long-Term Commitment to Education:Bami aspires to advance skills in the SEN department and grow within a school that values strong principles, emphasizing a long-standing interest in child development and education.


Role: Graduate teaching assistant

Location: Ealing

Qualifications: Masters & BSc Hons in English Literature & Language

Specialism: English


  • Strong Academic Background: Ann-Maria holds an MA and BA in English Language and Literature, showcasing her love for the subject.
  • Tutoring Experience: With a wealth of experience tutoring Maths and English up to GCSE level, Ann-Maria has helped many students excel.
  • Future Goals: She dreams of becoming a qualified Teacher of English Literature, showing her dedication to education.
  • Natural Student Connection: Ann-Maria has a natural ability to connect with students, providing the support and encouragement they need.
  • Student Confidence Building: She is passionate about helping young students build confidence and achieve their goals.
  • Proactive Educational Support: Ann-Maria’s commitment to education is evident in her proactive approach to supporting students.
  • Inspiring Role Model: Her enthusiasm and personal touch make her an inspiring role model and a valuable asset to any school.


Role: Graduate teaching assistant

Location: Greenford

Qualifications: BA Hons Psychology & MSc Clinical Mental Health

Specialism: Special needs


  • Academic Background: Anjali holds a BA Hons in Psychology and is currently pursuing an MSc in Clinical Mental Health.
  • Passion for Special Needs: Anjali is passionate about working with children, particularly those with ADHD and Autism, aiming to help them integrate into society and build their confidence.
  • Specialized Training: She has gained valuable insights and skills from studying challenging behaviors in one of her course modules.
  • Hands-On Experience: Anjali is currently volunteering as a clinical support worker with the NHS, providing hands-on experience in understanding patient difficulties, keeping them calm, and assisting with case reports.
  • Dedication to Support: Anjali’s dedication to supporting children with special needs and her practical experience in the clinical field make her an excellent candidate for a Graduate Teaching Assistant position.


Role: Graduate teaching assistant 

Location: London

Qualifications: BA in English & Literature Studies

Specialism: Challenging Behaviour, SEN, Learning Difficulties


  • Strong Academic Background: Sophia holds a BA in English, bringing a deep love for the subject to her role as a Teaching Assistant.
  • Passion for Learning and Growth: Sophia is dedicated to supporting student learning and development, making a positive impact in the classroom.
  • Hands-On Experience: She has experience helping teachers and is committed to creating a positive and inclusive learning environment.
  • Supportive Approach: Sophia’s patient and supportive approach helps students reach their full potential and achieve academic success.
  • SEN Experience: Sophia has extensive experience working with Special Educational Needs (SEN), including Autism, Literacy, group work, and ADHD.
  • Adaptable Teaching Methods: She has worked with children aged 2 to 11 years old, adapting her teaching methods to suit various developmental stages and needs.
  • Online Tutoring Expertise: As an online tutor, she excels in conducting group assessments and assisting with school and curriculum assessments.


Role: Graduate teaching assistant 

Location: Kingston

Qualifications: MSc in Art & Design

Specialism: Art, Literacy & Numeracy


  • Diverse Academic Foundation: Tian holds an MSc in Arts & Design and has also studied English and Maths, providing a well-rounded academic background.
  • Passion for Student Development: Known for patience and understanding, Tian loves working with students and helping them see things from new perspectives.
  • Classroom Experience: Tian has hands-on experience as a teaching assistant in preschool, making them well-versed in classroom dynamics.
  • Specialization in Art and Core Subjects:Tian specializes in Art, literacy, and numeracy, offering a comprehensive skill set.
  • Future Aspirations: Tian is passionate about a career in secondary education, with aspirations to become a teacher in the future.
  • Support for Additional Needs: Experienced in supporting students with additional needs and eager to contribute to the Art department.
  • Positive Classroom Atmosphere: Tian’s calm and open demeanor, along with a willingness to learn, creates a positive and inclusive classroom atmosphere.
  • Student Success Focus: Dedicated to helping students reach their full potential and succeed academically through a patient and encouraging approach.


Role: Graduate Teaching Assistant

Location: Ilford 

Qualifications: BA in Political Science

Specialisms: SEN


Key Skills:

  • Anjana excels in building trustful relationships and communicating effectively. Her ability to engage with students, parents, and colleagues will foster a supportive and collaborative learning environment.
  • Anjana’s experience as a Care Assistant has honed her ability to provide compassionate and personalized support. Her empathetic nature and dedication to understanding individual needs make her well-suited for a role where nurturing and guiding students is paramount.
  • Anjana is fluent in English, Tamil, Malayalam, and Hindi, and she can connect with children from a variety of backgrounds, making her an asset in multicultural classrooms. Her linguistic abilities will help to foster an inclusive and understanding learning environment.
  • Anjana is a compassionate and devoted professional with extensive experience in caring and strategic planning. Her sensitive attitude, combined with her exceptional communication and problem-solving abilities, show she would be a great fit for a Graduate Teaching Assistant position.


Role: Graduate Teaching Assistant

Location: Romford

Qualifications: BA

Specialism: Autism Support

Key Skills:

  • Shumaila is a dedicated and experienced educator whose empathetic and resilient character makes her an ideal candidate for the Graduate Teaching Assistant position. 
  • Her strong educational foundation, and commitment to professional development demonstrate her capability to support andenhance the learning experience for students.
  • Her academic background provides her with a solid foundation in educational theory and practice, making her well-suited to support graduate-level teaching and learning activities.
  • Her training in special education (e.g., Autism Spectrum Disorder, Dyslexia) makes her an asset in accommodating diverse learning needs and promoting inclusive education practices.
  • Her ability to collaborate with colleagues and manage classroom activities will be invaluable in a supporting role.


Role: Graduate Teaching Assistant

Location: Barking

Qualifications: BA (Hons) Health and Social Care,

Specialism : Health and Social care 

Key Skills:

  • Carmelia is a caring individual who values education and strives for success. She aims to be a teacher and a leader in the future, with a strong work ethic and dedication to her efforts.
  • Carmelia excels at coordinating and collaborating with others to successfully implement ideas. An enthusiastic and devoted individual with a positive attitude and a desire to serve others.
  • She aims to work with children and families in the community and is looking for a graduate position. Her helpful demeanour increases team morale, and her expertise working with parents/caregivers demonstrates her ability to achieve common goals while providing outstanding learning results.
  • Carmelia’s dedication to helping others is evident in her pursuit of a career in education. Her positive attitude and commitment to working with children and families in the community make her a passionate and motivated candidate for a graduate role in this field.